Friday, 7 December 2012

Paigey Cakey Releases Debut Mixtape "The First Paige" [Plus Free Download Link]

Up and coming rapper Paigey Cakey has today released her hotly anticipated debut mixtape "The First Paige". The Mixtape is available to download for free HERE.

Paigey Cakey (real name Paige Meade)  has been building her reputation throughout 2012 and she has worked very closely with Lady Leshurr and the pair appear to be practically joined at the hip these days appearing together on stage, on videos, during radio interviews and also on each other's tracks. Paigey's face is also recognizable as she is also a talented actress who has appeared on the BBC TV series Waterloo Road and the movie Attack The Block. Paigey got her stage name during her school days where her classmates used to sing her name to the tune of 2004 number one single "Babycakes" by 3 Of A Kind.

Here are some videos featuring Paigey Cakey:

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Cherri Voncelle Releases New EP "Good Mourning Madame Rouge" [FREE DOWNLOAD LINK]

UK souls singer Cherri Voncelle has just released her sophomore EP entitled "Good Mourning Madame Rouge". For her new EP Cherri has undergone a slight re-branding as she used to go by the stage name "Cherri V". This is the follow up to her 2011 EP "Shades of Red". To date Cherri's best known track is probably her 2010 collaboration with Wiley called "Skool Daze".

This EP features a collection of 6 tracks ranging deep soulful tracks like "One Day" to up-tempo numbers like "Same Story". The production is stripped back yet slick and Cherri's delicate yet powerful and distinctive voice sounds beautiful throughout. There is not a great deal of this type of soul music around these days so this EP is a welcome treat and Cherri could really find a niche for herself. Some of the tracks on here reminded me a bit of the type of songs Alicia Keys might do. The lyrics are meaningful and centre around themes of heartbreak, love and unhealthy relationships.

The new EP differs to "Shades of Red" which had a harder edged sound,. For example "Favorite Girl" featured heavily dubstep influenced production. Whereas "Shades of Red" showed promise, the new EP is more polished. Although both EPs show off Cherri's versatility. Judging by the quality of this EP surely it is only a matter of time before Cherri gets a Emeli Sande style mainstream breakthrough.

For me I think the standout track is the sultry and emotional mid-tempo track "999". See the video for "999" below:

The EP can be downloaded for free HERE.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Lady Leshurr Performs First Headline Show

Lady Leshurr performed her debut headline show at the Roundhouse in Camden last night. She performed an hour long set with a full live band. She was joined by an array of star guest performances including Cherri V and her best mate Paigey Cakey. Leshurr rocked the crowd in the intimate surroundings of the Roundhouse Studio. The fans who attended were treated to a special performance and Leshurr demonstrated why there is such a buzz around her. The show was attended by a number of industry figures, I spotted DJ's Semtex and Ras Kwame from BBC 1xtra, DJ/Producer Mike Delinquent, singer KCat and Mz Bratt. I also think I saw "Home Run" singer and former X Factor contestant Misha B at the gig but I didn't get a good enough look to know if it was her for sure!

Pro Dot was the support act and his brand of indie infused hip-hop went down well with the crowd. His catchy song "Just One Night" certainly has the potential to be a crossover hit. A shout out has to go out to Lady Leshurr's backing band who were wicked, especially the lead guitarist!

Here is a clip of Lady Leshurr & Paigey Cakey performing "Dam City" from last night:

Here is a clip of her performing Sister Nancy's 1982 song "Bam Bam":


Friday, 24 August 2012

Lady Leshurr's New Mixtape "L Yeah" [Free Download Link]

Lady Leshurr has released her latest mixtape as a free download.  "L Yeah" further cements her status as the most exciting female MC to come out of the UK since.............well....ever! This mixtape is quality from the first to last track. The mixtape features her own versions Drakes "HYFR", Rock Ross' "Stay Schemin', Usher's Climax and Chipmunk & Mavado's Every Gyal". It also includes plenty of seriously impressive original tracks ranging from jazzy RnB numbers like "Love My Life" to the fierce grimeyness of "Upset". Lesh can switch between styles so effortlessley and she can also sing as well as rhyme. I cannot get enough of Lady Leshurr and I already looking forward to what she comes up with next!


Here is the tracklist:

01 Lady Leshurr – L Yeah!
02 Lady Leshurr Ft Paigey Cakey – LYFR
03 Lady Leshurr – Cool Story Bro
04 Lady Leshurr – In & Up
05 Lady Leshurr – I Will
06 Lady Leshurr – Alter Ego
07 Lady Leshurr – Every Man
08 Lady Leshurr – Upset
09 Lady Leshurr – Mind Blown
10 Lady Leshurr – Love My life
11 Lady Leshurr – Do You Miss Me
12 Lady Leshurr – Climax
13 Lady Leshurr – Stay Scheming
14 Lady Leshurr – Depression

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Cru Love's "6 Of The Best" UK Garage Mix Summer 2012

This is a UK Garage mix from Cru Love. It features 6 vocal UKG tracks which are the perfect soundtrack for summertime partying. If you like this check out Cru love's MixCloud where other mixes will be posted on a regular basis. 

1. RudeKid feat. Skepta - Get Busy (FunkyStepz Remix)
2. Paul E Paul - Less Talk More Action
3. Wretch 32 - Traktor (Mike Delinquent Project Remix)
4. Sneakbo - The Wave (Mike Delinquent Project Remix)
5. Tanya Lacey - Letter To My Ex (Sunship Remix)
6. Ny - Music (Sunship Remix)

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Dappy's Controversial "Tarzan 2" Freestyle

N-Dubz rapper Dappy has released a video of his new freestyle titled "Tarzan 2" which follows the original Tarzan freestyle from last August. In his new freestyle Dappy says some very controversial and unpleasant things about a whole host of leading music industry figures including Simon Cowell, Alexandra Burke, Tinie Tempah and female DJ's Max and Sarah-Jane Crawfrord of Choice FM and BBC Radio 1xtra respectively.

Dappy displays his undoubted talent in this freestyle and the production from S-X (of Woo Riddim fame) is absolutely banging. However the video is bound to cause a huge stink and ruffle a fair few feathers. Choice FM's Max has already taken to Twitter to slam the misogynistic lyrics aimed at her in the freestyle. The video also features a blow up doll with a picture of her face taped to it getting rogered. According to Max the pair are friends which makes Dappy's attack on her even more dissapointing. She also hit out at Dappy's level of disrespect towards women, particularly as he is a father. Sarah-Jane retweeted Max's comments.

Choice FM DJ Max

Max's response in full is as follows:

"I’m very disappointed in Dappy for the way he spoke about me and other women in his latest freestyle.
We have been friends for a long time, that have always respected each other personally and professionally.

To speak about a friend or any woman that has done you no wrong in that way is inexcusable.
He is also a dad and being so derogatory towards women is unacceptable.

Disrespecting friends only makes you look like a bully, especially just so you benefit financially, because let’s be honest it doesn’t bring you any creative accolades.

I want all the girls that follow me and support what I do to know no man has any right to talk about women this way unprovoked and unjustified. He should know better, we are supposed to be friends." 

Sarah-Jane Crawford

Even his own cousin and X Factor Judge Tulisa has hit out at the video. Tulisa tweeted "i wish Dappy never mentioned cancer in #Tarzan2 thats a sensitive subject...". Despite all the fuss this freestyle is likely to cause I am sure Dappy has "No Regrets"!!!!!!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Stylo G Says "Summer Is Back"

UK based Dancehall star Stylo G has teamed up with Nadia and Smoodface for a new feelgood summertime dancehall smash called "Summer Is Back". Take a look out the window and it doesn't seem like Summer is anywhere close to coming back right now but crank this tune up loud and you will see visions of BBQ's, Beaches and Bikini Clad Carribean beauties!

Stylo G obviously gets great inspiration from the changing seasons as his last big tune was "Winter Swag" (a track I'm still listening to and loving!